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The achiral Σ * packing, not given in the table or shown in figure 12 , is an interweaving of the enantiomeric pair ( Σ + and Σ ) of rod packings. The ideal embedding of the Σ * rod packing (not shown) is exactly equivalent to the interweaving of the ideal enantiomeric structures: remarkably, the ideal Σ + (or equivalently Σ ) embeddings leave precisely the correct vacant space to intercalate the opposite enantiomer, also in its ideal form.

As shown in Christian Louboutin Pik Boat SlipOn Sneakers w/ Tags Cheap Sale Order Sale Cheapest For Cheap For Sale ToI9TvNi
, straight rods are present in the achiral packings (with the exception of the Σ * packing), whereas chiral arrays induce quasi-helical rods. Straightening of helical rods, and consequent loosening of the tight packing, is accompanied by variations of packing fraction dependent on the particular packing. Those loosening modes are often auxetic (with negative Poisson's ratio), as explored in more detail elsewhere [ 74 , 75 ].

A variety of more entangled weavings with cubic symmetry have been enumerated elsewhere [ Free Shipping Latest Collections Big Sale Cheap Price Miu Miu Patent Leather PeepToe Flats Cheap Sale Manchester Great Sale Extremely Sale Online Original Sale Online kLFM6WXy9
], constructed as curvilinear filament trajectories on three-periodic minimal surfaces (TPMS). We have generated tight embeddings of these more complex weavings also using PB-SONO. The resulting ideal configurations are shown in B Brian Atwood PeepToe Textured Pumps Low Cost Cheap Sale Latest Collections 7a84E

Figure 13.

Ideal embeddings of some three-periodic weavings, described in [ Derek Lam 10 Crosby Leather Semi PointedToe Loafers Outlet Low Price Sale Latest wl2lfRy
]. (–) A unit cell of the ideal structures and (–) a more extended fragment, where the filament diameter has been decreased to better reveal the entanglements. (Online version in colour.)

It is worth noting that many examples retain the symmetry inherited from the underlying TPMS and have visually pleasing configurations, such as the structure in figure 13 d . However, as with torus knots and links, tight embeddings may result in significant symmetry breaking. One example is shown in Cheap Marketable Acne Studios Nubuck PointedToe Pumps Shopping Online Cheap Price AIZIx5pfkG
: the P 118 R L ( cosh 1 ( 7 3 / 2 ) ) weaving [ 29 ]. Topologically, this weaving is formed by catenated closed loops, resulting in a three-dimensional chain-mail pattern. The starting embedding, inherited from the reticulation of the Primitive Cubic TPMS, has space group symmetry P 432. Following tightening using PB-SONO, much of this symmetry is lost ( figure 14 ). PB-SONO gives a ropelength, L / D =85.62, and packing fraction, LD 2 / V =0.44. The tightening pathway is best described with reference to a local volume, which resembles a helix bundle composed of four mutually woven filaments. On tightening, one of the filaments straightens to occupy the centre of the helix bundle, and the other three undulate, forming a triple helix. A single loop of the weaving traverses four of these broken-symmetry tight helical bundles before closing up on itself, as shown in figure 14 b . This symmetry breaking is reminiscent of the ideal configurations of high complexity torus knots and links, as well as the simple double helix, which lose symmetry on tightening [ 63 ]. This tightening pathway occurs locally throughout the weaving, where the filament that straightens is—according to the current implementation of PB-SONO—arbitrary. This leads to PB-SONO finding an arbitrary embedding. It does not exclude, however, the existence of a unique minimum, where the breaking of symmetry in a particular helix dictates a favourable configuration nearby, thus propagating throughout the structure. Finding this globally unique minimum is computationally sensitive and beyond the current implementation of PB-SONO.

if we learn JSON, dont we need AJAX too? i mean those two are really going hand in hand..

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Hi Richard,

I have created my first jQuery plugin that allows users to create an image slider that is populated via content from Instagram. It supports both a hashtag search and a @username feed.

You can find it here: or on github at

I’d love to get your feedback on it!



Chris, I just checked out your code, and I have to say I am impressed. Very good work, Mate. But the demo on your site doesn’t appear to be working. I am using Chrome.

Thank you very much!

I know, the demo is hosted on my blog and good old godaddy has just gone down yesterday. It should be fixed over the weekend.


hey richard

hey richard

I have made my little web quiz. Christian Louboutin Gino 100 Leather Pumps Free Shipping Genuine Sale View Cheap Usa Stockist 20MdV
im stuck the re-selecting radio button dosent work i have no idea what to do..

Sweet little quiz there, Boaz. I didn’t understand the PJ question. But as a soccer fan, I love the Messi question.

Anyway, very good work, Man. Keep it up.

Ok , i have finished my web quiz finally ( version 2). check it out here:

and now iv just finsihed reading your post on the final part of your post: OOP In JavaScript: What You NEED to Know.

and i think i got it…the only thing i didnt understood is, why creating objects (from constructor function), and creating a child objects… beacuse i thought we need to save our questions in an external JSON file, and of course we cant make functions and so on in JSON. so do you wnat us to use OOP on our quiz JS file make it toJSON() or JSON.stringfy send it to the server and then retrive it??? isnt it an unnessecry duplication? im abit confuse and lost

Do you think its worthwhile doing the advance projects on codeacademy as well?

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Hi Jalil, Doing those advanced projects will definitely help. But be sure to follow and read these 16 JS concepts:

Dear Richard,

Thank you very much for you work in putting together this tutorial. I know that it wasn’t trivial and it’s been very helpful in my studies.

Here is my first go at the quiz: Robert Clergerie Clergerie Paris Suede Wedge Boots Clearance Store Cheap Price HZj1Xt

Also, if you are open to feedback, I think it would really help people to do the free Chrome DevTools course before starting. As a newbie, I didn’t understand your many references to the console and to writing code in the browser until I did that tutorial.

Lastly, I think people should do the jQuery course before trying to finish the basic project (at least one required jQuery and I couldn’t do it). Perhaps the jQuery course should also come before reading about the DOM in the JS for Professionals book because I found the book to abstract until I had a visual of what the DOM was and how it could be manipulated.

Thanks again. Rock on.

Hi ZenStunna,

You made the quiz look very easy. Very good work, Mate.

I agree with you about learning Dev Tools first, and I will add that bit to the post. Thanks.

I also know that learning jQuery before building the quiz makes it much easier to develop the quiz, but the goal is to know pure JavaScript enough that you can use it to build a an app like the quiz. It is not essential or important that one use only JS, especially since most developers will use jQuery in their careers anyway. But the challenge of using JS will force you to learn JS well. And by the time you get to jQuery, jQuery will be a walk in the park.

Much success to you in your dev career and thanks for the tips. Keep coding.

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